General guidance for working with Content API

When making requests error responses are being returned

Please refer to the Response Codes section of this documentation for detailed summary of all possible response codes and their meaning.

I can't set headers on my requests, how do I use the API?

Content API uses headers for one of two purposes, either providing your API key or setting the Accept header to control the media type of content returned. As an alternative these properties can also be set using query parameters.

For information on providing the API key as a query parameter please refer to the Authentication section and for information regarding passing the accept property as a query parameter please refer to the Content Negotiation section.

How are date/date-times handled?

Any parameter that accepts a date-time value can either accept a standard ISO 8601 formatted value or an ElasticSearch compatible Date Math expression.

The following table provide examples of accepted formats:

now-1hThe current time plus one hour, with ms resolution.
now-1h-1mThe current time plus one hour plus one minute, with ms resolution.
2015-01-01||-1M/d2015-01-01 plus one month, rounded down to the nearest day.