Item FAQ

This page will cover any frequently asked questions regarding the Item resource

Why can I only see a small number of items?

Content API is built around an entitlement model which basically means when we provision your API key we activate certain services against it (e.g. the News or Sport services). When you make a request to the Item Collection endpoint you will only ever see items belonging to services and sub-services you're entitled to access.

If you'd like to expand these services to unlock more items please contact the PA Commercial team on 020 7963 7624.

How I paginate through items?

Please refer to the Pagination section of this documentation.

How do I return Atom or RSS?

Please refer to the Content Negotiation section of this documentation.

How do I search for items using specific fields?

To search for items using a specific field you can pass the field and an example value to the "query" parameter.

Making the following request will only return items written by "Laura Dennison".

curl \
  -H "Accept: application/json" \
  -H "apikey: <API KEY>" \'laura dennison'